Wednesday, 10 June 2009

First Fruit

I ate my first fruit of the season yesterday. First there were the early cherries from our orchard. I spent half an hour collecting a large bowlful from the first of our two trees. In a few days it will be a bucketful and I will be resorting to freezing them.

Then whilst on a walk in the woods above our house I came across a bank of wild strawberries. The bank was in full sun and the plants were way ahead of the other strawberries I had passed which were in flower and such fruit as there was was small and green. No, here on the bank the fruit was red and glistening with that “come and eat me” sheen. I duly obliged, savouring each little berry as its flavour exploded in my mouth. The intense taste of wild strawberries is so far removed from those waterlogged Spanish monsters that one gets in British supermarkets as to make one believe them to be totally unrelated.

My feast finished, I walked on through the woods past slopes covered with bilberry plants and raspberry canes. The first boletuses were pushing their velvet crowns through the loam. I made a mental note to bring mushroom basket next time.

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Doreen said...

I was fascinated to to read your blog. I thought I was the only English person to own a property in the czech republic! My husband who died a few years ago was czech and we bought a chalupa that had been in the family in 1997. It is near Liberec in Northern Bohemia on the edge of Cesky Raj. I would love to hear more about your experiences as I'm trying to decide what to do with the place- whether to attempt to renovate and keep it or to get rid of it. My czech is minimal even though I have been going there since 1990! I have recently remarried and went back for the first time in over three years at easter. my new husband very quickly learned how to use a scythe!


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