Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Some Useful Links

I thought I would share with you some useful internet websites, through which you can learn more about Czech life and culture.

1) Radio Praha - Don't be fooled by the name Radio Prague's website english language version is probably the best way to find out what's happening across the whole of the Czech Republic. And it is not just restricted to news - the site has excellent history, cultural and sports coverage. Search the archive for a topic of interest. You can even subscribe to a daily email update There is a Radio Prague Facebook page

2) Czech Literature Portal A multi-language site promoting Czech Literature abroad - "The aim of the Portal is to provide information on contemporary Czech authors and their works (novelists, poets, playwrights, essayists including authors of literature for children)". To keep up to date sign up for a newsletter or follow on Facebook 

3) The Czech Centres You will find Czech centres in several major cities including London and New York Their websites include details of cultural programmes, educational programmes especially Czech language courses and Czech related news. The centres also have Facebook pages.

4) Czech Holiday  My own site about visiting the Czech Republic is on

Oh and this blog of course!


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