Sunday, 12 April 2009

What to buy when visiting the Czech Republic

I just had to show you these - they are some oven gloves I bought in the little supermarket opposite Cesky Krumlov castle. They are just so Czech! For starters they are dressed in national costume, but it is more the quirky humour that strikes me as Czech.

Visitors to the Czech Republic and Cesky Krumlov so often go home with standard tourist gifts - painted Easter eggs (very appropriate today), wooden toys, amber jewelry, puppets, Bohemian glass. All are good things to buy to take home with you. But if you want something different as a memento of your trip, do check out the shops for the locals. In local supermarkets or haberdashers you might find something like this. In ironmongers you might find mushroom knives or scoops for forest berries. In florists you might find straw wreaths decorated with mushrooms, or squirrels made of straw. And the great thing about these type of presents is that you can be certain as you board the plane home you will be the only person with those gifts and that they are genuinely Czech.

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tony said...

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