Friday, 18 December 2015

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to you all. 

This photograph is of the central panel in an altarpiece that you can see at the Ales Gallery of Gothic Art in the stables of Hluboka Castle. Don't you just love those cow eyes! The Gallery is full of treasures like this and yet most of the visitors to the castle just pass it by. 

I have had a fascinating 2015 and worked for some delightful visitors to the Czech Republic, some of whom I now count as friends. 

Sadly towards the end of the year I experienced problems with my ankle. It looks like I will need an operation, which means I am having to cancel some of the tours for next year. I am thinking about stopping leading tours altogether in October with the exception of tours for friends. I will update you on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Zoe! Thanks for all the posts this year! I may never visit the Czech Republic but can view it through your words and pictures. Even though you cut down the tours I look forward to reading where you've been. Hope the ankle gets operated on and is back to normal soon. Take Care! Judy


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