Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Menu

Traditionally Czech restaurant food has been heavy on meats, and it still is, although there is now more choice for vegetarians. Czech restaurants often offer a selection of grilled meats cooked over a logfire on a griddle (as here), these are eaten with a choice of side vegetables. Others offer casserole-based dishes such as goulash or meat smes (a mixture of meats in a spicy saunce). Then there is the offering of various roasted meat in sauce such as the Czech classic svíčková (when cooked well one of my all time favourite meals anywhere in the world) which is roasted marinated beef in a spiced vegetable sauce with cream.

Sometimes the translated menu can bring some interesting images to the mind of the bewildered foreigner,  as here in this menu from a restaurant in Slavonice. But then one has to wonder how on earth one could translate English popular foods such as spotted dick or roly poly pudding. I shall say no more than that I had a chop of Mrs Katerina and it was excellent and my husband enjoyed Zacharias' chop.


Jana said...

I like the "healthy fried" bit :-) As to the translations, well, they are great, aren't they! I suppose you get an English menu out of curiosity just to have a laugh?

Brianc2012 said...

Hello, I'm a senior in high school doing a project on the Czech Republic, and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the Czech Republic. I'm part Czechoslovakian and have had a few Czech and Slovak dishes, but I was wondering what Prague and other Czech cities are like? What makes Prague, or the Czech Republic different then other European cities or countries?

potok said...

Hello Brian and any other students doing projects.

Please use the search option in the column on the right to get your answers.


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