Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gypsy Devils in Krumlov

After leading three tours of the Czech Republic I was due a break and my husband came over from the UK to make sure I took it. To help us Cesky Krumlov held its annual St Wenceslas Celebration. The town square was filled with a craft and food market and a large stage.

On the first evening of the celebrations, despite not being dressed for the drop in evening temperature with the sudden arrival of Autumn, we found ourselves transfixed by a performance by the Ciganski Diabli (Gypsy Devils) who give a gypsy flourish to adaptations of some well-known classical music.

The local Roma population was out in force for these wonderful ambassadors for gypsy musical virtousity. The younger members were at the front with their reversed baseball caps, whilst senior members stood or sat behind. They were joined in their enjoyment by a large number of other Krumlov residents and some foreigners such as ourselves and a group of Japanese who watched for a while before moving away. We might have been freezing (you could see your breath), but we weren't going anywhere until the last note had been played and the audience had risen to its feet to applaud.

If you want to know more about the group, visit their website on


Annie said...

Love it! THanks for sharing! I spent 2.5 years in Czech and miss this culture.

Now in NYC, they have the NY Gypsy Festival every year.

(I actually just did a post about Czech -

Thanks again!

Ana said...

Wow! The xylophone player is incredible! I understand that you wouldn't leave in spite of the cold weather. Thanks a lot for this video. I have added this band to my musical agenda and hope I'll be able to see them live next year.
Greetings from a 'half-Czech' in Buenos Aires!

Joyce said...

What a treat to find this blog. My husband and I were in Cesky Krumlov on the very same weekend. The concert was just wonderful and not speaking Czech I was trying everything to learn the name of the group and artists who performed. Your video post brought back the smiles and delight of the evening for us. The music of this group was truly a highlight of our travels.


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