Monday, 20 June 2011

Green Guerilla Strikes

In a covert operation Cesky Krumlov's very own Green Guerilla has struck a blow for all those who opposed the Town Council's and River Authority's destruction of a verdant island in the middle of the Vltava near the base of the castle cliffs.

In the early hours a few days ago the Green Guerilla in an action similar to that of the old Milk Tray advert hero scaled natural and man-made barriers to plant willow trees in the silt near the artificial island installed half-heartedly in response to the many protests of local people. It is unclear whether he abseiled in from the bridge or even a helicopter or whether he forded the roaring torrents, but unseen by drunken passers-by he planted a total of eight willows. Earlier reconnaisance missions (from the windows of a nearby shop) had revealed that despite the Council's vandalism of last year the river is already beginning to reinstate the island in full as a silt bank builds in the centre of the river. The willows' roots will aid this island's formation. His work done the Green Guerilla disppeared into the shadows.

"All because the lady loved her duck island"


Anonymous said...

Well done to the pesky green guerilla.

Philip Wilkinson said...


gaviota said...

I walked through Krumlov for the first time since we were all at our friend's. I'd remembered seeing the Willow, and got wind of the project. I walked across the bridge and did indeed see to my glee that the tree had been planted as planned.
Of course I rang the doorbell too no answer, as one might expect, but I was overjoyed to see the sapling out there. William H.


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