Sunday, 6 February 2011

Diamonds in the Snow

I keep writing about diamonds in the snow in the Czech Republic and my British friends and family nod and say "Yes, how lovely". But until you've seen them, I don't think you really can know how remarkable these ice formations are. Even in the recent snowy British winters I have not seen anything like them. They are not just the occasional flash of light against pristine winter snow. They are large crystals that grow in formation as the result of a succession sunny days followed by bitterly cold nights. The UK just doesn't get that sort of weather - a couple of bright days if we are lucky, before the grey presses in once more.

They are inevitably not easy to photograph - so my apologies that my efforts here do not do them full justice. But perhaps they might give you, dear reader, a glimmer of the pleasure they bring me.

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McCabeandco said...

One of my first introductions to the Czech was the sight of large crystals. Well, these particular crystals hung like vampire fangs from the bonnets and undersides of the Skoda I encountered. Living back in Australia now I am jealous of your snow - any chance you could send us some crystals? Today it is going to be 36 degrees celcius just like the days before and ones yet to come. A nice Czech snow would be a welcome sight... Dream on, right! Might be a good day for a swim at the beach! Hey, and keep your lovely photos and stories coming!


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