Saturday, 14 August 2010

Kvinterna Again


Back in May fellow blogger Karen of the Empty Nest Blog (see Related Czech Links) came to stay and was much taken with the music of local group Kvinterna. She asked me to post about them again and so here it is. In July this year I enjoyed a concert by Kvinterna at the Minorite Monastery on Latran. I was sorry that Karen could not join me, she would have loved it.

The video above is my own creation of local frescos and the music is a song called Planka from Kvinterna's album Landscape of Sweet Sorrow - an album of Sephardi songs and Moravian folksongs (click on the arrow to play the video). The juxtaposition of the two music types works brilliantly and is typical of Kvinterna's style. In their own words they "have created the instrumental element in a highly individual way derived from the technique of Gothic painting". For more on this, visit their website . This has inspired my choice of images for the video. By the way Planka is a Moravian song about a crab apple tree.


Karen said...

Yea, how wonderful to be thought of! It's true I would have loved it - due, in the main, to your gift for showcasing everything beautiful about Southern Bohemia. I literally ache sometimes when I read your posts cause I've now tasted life there!

Karin said...

What a thoughtful thing to do for Karen! It is beautiful! I will look up her site...loved your site. Well done!

Vivien said...

What a beautiful piece - so redolent of that part of central Europe. I have a tape of songs from Zlata Koruna, Czech songs from the 18th century which were found in a book of that time, and recorded - a similar idiom. Thanks for posting it!


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