Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Czech Moles

I have blogged in the past about the little mole cartoon character that is so beloved by the Czechs. Well this post is about the real three-dimensional version.

With the arrival of Spring trails of brown soil heaps have exploded in people's lawns like spots on a teenager's chin. Everywhere I go, people are moaning about them. Plastic bottles have been shoved upside down into the burrows to scare away the little gentlemen in velvet.

The other day I was walking down the lane when I found two dead velvet gentlemen. They lay in the middle of the tarmac on their backs with their large paddle-shaped front paws held up as if surrendering to the sky. I don't know what has caused this. Maybe the moles were making a dash for the field on the other side, unable to dig their way across, they decided to go over the top into no-man's land only to be mown down. Perhaps some animal - a fox perhaps - was collecting them. Then in my garden I found another, already far gone - the black and orange graveyard beetles were crawling over it. So what is catching them and not eating them, I wonder? And did the rest of the mole platoon make it to the field on the other side?


Eso said...

In cartoon it was poison.

Karen said...


Nicola said...

Molehills are very useful for filling up plant pots - and the soil is often free from weeds. As they appear I'm using them to add to our potato mounds - utilising old car tyres for a vertical potato plant.
On the other hand you can stand in the garden spiking the ground as our neighbour does.

Captain Oddsocks said...

Poor little fellas.


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