Thursday, 30 July 2009

Vyssi Brod Walk

Before I got distracted by Czech mushroom figures I was blogging about Vyssi Brod and promised to talk about a historic trail which starts and ends in the town. It starts next to the major tourist carpark and follows along the edge of the Monastery complex. It took about two hrs to do the walk, the guidebooks say one and half; well thanks to a summer storm there was a tree down on the path so I had to retrace my steps at one point which added time.

The trail takes you past a number of historic industrial features such as a quarry, water hammer, iron mill, and the water channel for the abbey. In addition there are a number of natural features such as a spring and the beautiful St Wolfgang waterfalls - a complex of small waterfalls in the woods above the town.


Philip Wilkinson said...

What interesting and mysterious stones, looking like sunken troughs. But to what end?

potok said...

I'm not sure. They were in the quarry area right next to the river. Unfortunately the information board was in Czech and possibly a bit of German and I couldn't work out what it said.

Any information welcome.

Karen said...

I bet it said the giant was so big no matter how many times it rains his footsteps still show.


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