Thursday, 5 March 2009

Masopust in Cesky Krumlov

Last Tuesday, being Shrove Tuesday, Cesky Krumlov celebrated Masopust (the Czech carnival). The procession had the traditional Masopust elements that I saw in Horice Na Sumave of the tancmeisitri, the Masopust character, as well as some people in costumes of straw, a master of ceremonies, and some people with fur hats.

What was particularly lovely were the two little masopusters, whose presence suggested that the Masopust tradition has a future.

In addition there were people in masks and costumes from the more Italian Carnivale tradition, including one in a white pierrot costume who also seemed to be part of Masopust.

As happens at the Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford (which I have been involved in over the years) the local schools had been active and there were lots of children dressed in home-made masks and costumes.

Finally there were some strange street theatre elements. This time I was able to take some photos which I share with you here – a better way of giving you the feel of the event rather than through my inadequate words.

For the tale of how Masopust came to England view my post on the subject.

Posts on other Czech customs include Easter

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salamander said...

Thought it might be good to explain the word masopust - in Czech it's combined from 'maso' = meat, and 'pust' = fast. The carnival is the last let-go and be merry, before the Lent fast begins.
If you've already explained this somewhere before, then sorry for saying it again :-)


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