Friday, 20 February 2009

Tracks in the Snow

I have often talked in this blog about my encounters with Czech wildlife, but it is only when one sees the many tracks in the snow that one realises just how much there is and how close one is to it. When I was a little girl there was a children's tv programme called (I think) Town Boy, Country Boy and featured the incomparable and much-missed Jack Hargreaves (the old guy on How!) In it a town boy is taught about the countryside by Jack. Like that boy I was fascinated by nature and wildlife and longed to be able to track animals. Now here is my chance.

From my hazy memories I think this scene above is where a deer ascended the railway embankment to cross the track to the fields beyond.

And this is from a rabbit.

And the one below shows where a buzzard swooped down on its prey, it hopped around a few times before taking off. You can see the marks of its wing feathers in the snow.

I have bought myself a book of animal tracks so that I can read the signs better – it is in England and I will bring it back when next I visit.

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Philip Wilkinson said...

When I was a child I really wanted to find animal tracks but never did really - except for birds . My life was too urban, and I was probably not sharp-enough-eyed. And there wasn't the snow there would have been in the Czech Republic. If I'd grown up there, I couldn't have missed them, could I?


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