Thursday, 27 November 2008

What Every Tourist Needs!

I was walking down a street in Ceske Budejovice, when I passed this notice. A few yards on I stopped and looked back, unable to believe what I had read in passing. I then walked back to the notice and took this photo to share with you. I even went into the shop to check and yes you can buy books, maps, cards and.... altar wine. What every tourist needs indeed!


Philip Wilkinson said...

This indeed makes Ceske Budejovice a culturally nourishing centre for the pilgrim and travelling priest. It's good to see that the minority tourist, often sadly overlooked, is being catered for (if catered is the right word here).

Hannah said...

Well, with the global crisis looming, maybe we all need a glug or two. Maybe Budejovice will become a Mecca not only for beer tourism, but now also for the seekers of solace :-)


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