Friday, 29 August 2008

The Sound of Evening

As evening starts to fall and even a little while before on these balmy late summer days, the air swells with the sounds of grasshoppers and crickets singing their legs off. I find it hugely relaxing listening to their hard work, there is something almost hypnotic about the sound.

Normally you cannot see any of our thousand violinists, but the other day this large cricket (it must have been 3 centimetres long excluding its antennae and before it extended its legs) flew in through the window and continued his performance on the windowsill next to the bread. I was delighted to have him here, considering the residence of a cricket in the house to herald good luck. But his stay only lasted the evening, when I got up in the morning he had gone. I listened out for him that second evening, but all I heard was the hubbub of song from the yard.


Karen said...

Oh, I"m so glad to hear that crickets sing in C.R. - they are in full force here too. No other sound represents summer to me quite like this one.

potok said...

Hello Karen

So you have not quite made to Czecho yet, but are on the way to making it (you see I do read your blog).

Good luck and a premature welcome.


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