Friday, 5 October 2007

Czech Dogs

The Czechs are very fond of their dogs. The above photo shows a typical Czech dog - in other words low slung with short legs, curled tail and perky demeanour. On seeing your Czech dog you have the fun of trying to work out its mixed parentage (and grandparentage) - bit of dachshund, bit of labrador, a touch of corgi perhaps! You will find signs in the Prague warning against dog fouling in parks graphically showing a cartoon of just such a dog with curly tail raised doing its business.


Gosia said...

greetings from the netherlands. My name is Henny and I just happened to stumble on your website by coincidence. I liked to read about your observations on the The Czech republic. I have been a few times with my family for a holiday in the Czech Republic. I liked it there: lots of history, culture and good food.

How did you end up in this country? What suprises you most?

I will stop bye once in a while if I may

Henny & Gosia

Czech Scot Man said...

Well one thing I find about the dogs in the Czech Republic is that they are much better trained. I rarely ever get a dog snapping at my heals when out jogging. Not like Scotland at all...


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