Thursday, 22 March 2007

Beginnings - fairies

So why am I sitting outside a cafe in Cesky Krumlov? What was it that brought me to this place? Well, I suppose there were lots of points at which this journey started. It was like a river - a multitude of sources all coming together. I don't suppose I can identify all of them. But over the next few posts, I' ll explore some of them.

Here is the first - when I was a child I loved fairytales (podhadky in the Czech). I devoured every fairytale book in the library - the Green Fairy Book, the Blue, the Yellow. And I watched the wonderful dramatisations of fairytales that were so much part of British children's 60s tv. Well looking back they were probably pretty rubbish, but I loved them. They were usually badly dubbed and produced in what was then refered to as the Eastern Bloc, including Czechoslovakia. I have seen some more recently, here in the Czech Republic where I am told they are rerun regularly. The Czechs love fairytales, it is part of their pysche. Grown adults will talk with seriousness about fairies and other little folk in the forest. When a house was being done up for a friend and a series of unexplained mishaps took place, the answer proffered was to put a small bowl of milk under the threshold for the fairies. And when I am here, I too find myself refering to the fairies. So when I come here, I am going back to my childhood perhaps.

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bouncingczech said...

I am glad you like the crazy Czech Fairy-psyche. But did you know that we are related? You the Brits, us the Czechs, I mean. Because we are both Celtic by origin.You should czech out (sorry, couldn't resist that) the Celtic sites around the place, in fact there are masses of them around the area you so love! Anyway, maybe some of that fairy-tale poetry romance stuff is just the thing for you to rediscover, I gather the Brits have it inside them but what with all their work-ethic, how deep is it burried? Or is it enough to scratch the surface - your musings would suggest it is :-)


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