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This is a highly personal blog about my experience as a Brit living in a farmhouse in a small village in South Bohemia. It started as a diary of my adventures as I struggled to restore a building which was in a very bad state of repair (dry rot, woodworm, flooded cellars, you name it) and as a way to consider my feelings about the Czechs and the Czech Republic. I had no idea that ten years later I would still be blogging and finding new things to write about. 

I have always tried to act as a bit of a translator (not linguistically as my Czech is still awful) explaining the Czechs to the Brits and vice versa. Having run a tour company taking English speaking clients around the Czech Republic, I have loads of places, some obscure, that I can blog about. In the end this is a blog about the love I have for this country and its people and I hope this shows. 

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