Sunday, 18 September 2016

Closing the Business

Today the last of my tours ended. The final set of customers, a group of walkers from Yorkshire, returned home. I have really enjoyed sharing my love of the Czech Republic with my customers. What is more I can honestly say that almost without exception they have been fascinating people to meet. Maybe it is something about the type of person who wants to holiday in the Czech Republic that explains this, I don't know. 

It is therefore with a certain sadness that I have decided to close down the business. I have a number of reasons for this. One being that due to family ill-health it is difficult to commit to definitely being in the Czech Republic on a certain date. I could have continued offering holidays that did not require my presence (like the walking holidays) but for the impact of Brexit. I blogged about the Referendum in June before the vote and everything I feared then has come true. The pound has plummetted, making it hard for me to make a profit. I am worried about my status as an expat and have seen and heard nothing to make me believe that the British Government has grasped what Brexit is doing to those of us with homes in Europe. 

I am not however giving up on the Czech Republic and I certainly am not giving up on this blog. Quite the opposite. My intention is to write and blog more. I can turn my experience as a specialist Czech holiday provider into guide books, such as the one on Cesky Krumlov I published earlier this year. It may be that as things settle I will return to the tourism business, although it would almost certainly be as tour guide rather than as a tour provider. On the other hand I might enjoy writing more.

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Jane Royle said...

Thank you Zoe for all your expertise, enthusiasm and dedication. It is a huge shame both for us tourists and for the Czech Republic that you are leaving the business, but hopefully to return in the future.
You have introduced many people to this wonderful country, myself included, giving us an insiders viewpoint into Czech's fascinating customs, history, sites and countryside. Thank you so much for sharing it with us


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