Friday, 3 July 2015

Free Guide to Cesky Krumlov

Over the years I have been asked many times when I am going to write a book about the Czech Republic and I always put it off. How could I possibly compete with the Rough Guides or Rick Steves of this world? But then I thought about it.

The guides you can buy tend to be of the whole country with only a short section on each town, city or area (with the exception of Prague). They tend to be not personalized and certainly aren't in any way lyrical. They aren't written by an insider, who also understands what is unusual to the non-Czech. So maybe I could offer something different. 

I have decided I will write a number of guides about places I know well and which, I know from my work organizing tours and holidays in the country, will be of interest for people looking beyond Prague. I am starting with the town I know best - Cesky Krumlov. This has meant that I have been having great fun, wandering around my home town being a tourist again (after 10 years of being a resident), taking photos and reminding myself what it feels like to arrive new to this lovely town.

The full guide will not be published until this Autumn at the earliest, but in the meantime I have produced a short (10 pages) pdf of a section of the book. It's a guided tour of the town as if I was walking with you through the town. Everyone who signs up to the newsletter for this blog will get a link to download the book. 

Here's the address to sign up

I hope you enjoy it. I will let you know how I am getting on with the book in future posts.

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