Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Website


My apologies for not posting for a week or so. I have been very busy designing and creating a new website for my Czech holiday business. And inevitably it has taken longer than I thought - twice as long at least.

There are two reasons for the new website:
  • it became clear to me over the last year that in addition to my Czech Tours website I needed another to promote the Czech Republic as a tourism destination more widely as British people really don't know how wonderful the country is and what it has to offer
  • and to promote the other side of the business which I will be offering from 2012 - namely two-centre holidays in different towns right across the country and holiday cottages for rental. 
As a result the new website is very different from the Czech Tours one which basically offers the tours. The new site allows the visitor to explore by destination (ie by different areas of the Czech Republic or by town) or by accommodation type (hotel or country cottage) or by interest (eg cycling, natural history, arts and culture). 

The new website is on and already I am getting feedback along the line of "I never knew that the Czech Republic was so beautiful" which suggests that I am at least beginning to address the first of the issues.

Do please visit the website and give me your feedback - the email is on the site.


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