Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My New Venture

Well, I've done it! I have launched my new business - Czech Tours. Those of you who follow this blog will know that by accident earlier this summer I found myself organising and leading a tour of historic South Bohemia. I also found that I enjoyed it. So over the last few months I have working on the business idea and have today launched the website http://www.czechtours.co.uk. It's still a bit rough round the edges and I need to add the dates and prices for next year's tours, but I could have delayed going public for ever - I am very good at that!

I think there is a real hole in the market for the English-speaking visitors who do not want the run-of-the-mill trip to Prague (with at most a day excursion to Cesky Krumlov). The business will be focussed on South Bohemia, as that is an area I know really well and am confident will interest other visitors. It really is all about my sharing my love, enthusiasm and knowledge of the area with my clients (much as this blog does). Therefore I want to keep it relatively small, so as not to lose the personal touch. The business will offer guided tours and tailor-made holidays to the punters. So wish me luck with my new venture; all being well I will make some money for myself and South Bohemia and meet some interesting people by doing so.


Vivien said...

All the best of luck with your new venture! In 1995 I spent ten days in Prague and one in Kutna Hora. My eyes watered when I had to leave Prague! I'd love to see more of Prague and to go round the Czech Republic but haven't got the cash unfortunately - but a lot of people would have: people who go to Heraculaneum, for instance - the cultural tours. I think nowadays a lot of educated people would like to discover this unknown (to them) world, of the Czech Republic - fairly near, in Europe, and still (for now) without the massive Americanisation of the UK. There's a market there, I think!

I spent a week in Ireland this year - slightly similar to the Czech Republic in not being as crowded as England - though thanks to the Green Belt we still have beautiful countryside.

Karen said...

Zoe, you are absolutely perfect for this! South Bohemia is lucky to have your interest. I wish you best of luck in your new ventures. Bravo!

potok said...


Thanks for your good wishes.

It is possible to enjoy a visit to the Czech Republic for less than the cost of a week in Ireland. If you fancy it, please get in touch via the email on the website and I will see what I can do.



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