Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ceske Budejovice Gastronomically Attractive

As part of my research for the Archaeological Society Visit, I acquired a booklet called Ceske Budejovice Gastronomically Attractive, which is as you might expect a guide to eating out in Ceske Budejovice. And very useful it is too.

However the reason I am blogging about it is the blurb about one restaurant, which I will now replicate here, without comment. I will leave that to you, dear reader:

"The interior of Restaurace Beran is one of the most beautiful and diverse in the city. The cellars in the house are unusually structured into several separate rooms. The guest can sit in the Italian saloon dominated by a model of the leaning Tower of Pisa or a Mexican hacienda with decorations evoking the atmosphere of the Mexican countryside and last but not least a mountain chalet full of rural motifs. The visitor to Restaurace Beran will find a mountain belfry, a stone well, a bird hut and a genuine ram. The restaurant's interior is full of natural materials which create a very pleasant impression. Probably the biggest surprise awaits visitors in the evening hours. A unique lightshow brings a response from every visitor. The ringing of cowbells, the rumbling of a storm, the bleating of sheep or the St Nicholas frolicking of devils, accompanied by lighting effects are professionally blended into an integral several minute show. The menu consists of dishes of international cuisine. The menu consists of dishes typical of Mexican, Italian and traditional Czech cuisine. The recipes are simple and not difficult to prepare."

The photo comes from the restaurant's website - and shows the genuine ram.

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