About Czech Tours

Czech Tours Ltd is the company I have set up to bring tourists to the Czech Republic. Okay it is a business but it is far more than that - it is an expression of the love I have for this country. In a way it is a natural extension of what this blog aims to do - to help Brits and other non-Czechs understand and explore the Czech Republic and its people.

The holidays and tours it offers are designed to go beyond the surface that most tourists experience, for starters it focuses on the country beyond Prague. I am deliberately keeping the company small and highly personal - people coming on Czech Tours holidays get me as their guide.

I've created two websites - the first is about the Czech Tours website , which not surprisingly is about the tours of the Czech Republic which I organise, the second is the Czech Holidays website which is a more general website talking about the towns and regions of the Czech Republic, but also offering Czech Cottages and hotels.



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